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Six degrees dating

The first social media site that everyone can agree actually was social media was a website called Six Degrees.

From Six Degrees, the internet moved into the era of blogging and instant messaging.

Although blogging may not seem like social media precisely, the term fits because people were suddenly able to communicate with a blog other instantly as well as other readers.

As mentioned, businesses are using social media to promote their products and services in a brand new way and so each form of social media serves a purpose that the others available may not.

Although it is impossible to know what the future of social media holds, it is clear that it will continue.

For example: some people define communication by letters via the postal service as social media, but most people define it as the ability to use the internet to share and communicate instantly with others, even across great distances.

That means, that social media can be traced back to one website in particular – and no, it wasn’t Facebook.

Tumblr, a microblogging website started in 2007by David Karp and now owned by Yahoo, is one of the sites that could be seen sprouting up in the late 2000s.

Foursquare was quite a popular website for a while, particularly with smartphones being used so extensively, and then there is Pinterest, Spotify, and many others.

But the huge boom of social media was still to come.

Although the younger generation of today might not know about it, back in the early 2000’s the website My Space was the popular place to set up a profile and make friends.

However, back in 2004, Facebook (The then) was launched just for Harvard students.