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Ariel and Eric both think that their significant other doesn't really think they are ...

Damaged during the 1977 earthquake, the theater was rebuilt 1982–1984, under the aegis of Cezar Lăzărescu, in a heavy form and lacking spectacular elements.

Since the end of 2014, after a project costing up to 65 million euros, the National Theatre has a new face, dominated by futuristic elements.

The space that now extends from the Inter Continental hotel and National Theatre once was home to an outdoor circus, around which existed shops with mititei (small Romanian sausages) and beer, and a stum shop (? All this disappeared after urban planning in the 1960s proposed the idea of developing the area through tourism, cultural or administrative functions.

Between 19 the Hotel Inter Continental (architects Dinu Hariton, Gheorghe Nădrag, Ion Moscu and Romeo Belea) was built, and the new National Theatre was constructed between 1964–1973 in the style of that period, the halls being equipped with top stage installations.

Ahman Green's 15-yr.-old daughter told police her dad punched her in the face after an argument over doing the dishes -- but Green says that's not the whole truth ...

this according to the criminal complaint obtained by TMZ Sports.

Around 1700, the limit was already around what is today Piața Romană (Roman Square).

Thought to define the axes north–south and east–west of the city after 1880, "the great crossroad" (Romanian: ) follows the Haussmannian scenario of urban modernization – in the spirit of the Parisian influence of those times.

The ex-GB Packers RB was arrested Monday morning after cops responded to his Wisconsin home at AM following a 911 call from a neighbor.

According to the complaint, Ahman's daughter says the 2 had been arguing all day long about chores -- she did not want to wash the dishes -- and tension mounted between her and Ahman.

This intersection has never evolved as a monumental square, but emerged as most important road junction of the capital at the geometric center of the city. Today this place is called 21 December 1989 Square, in honor of those who died during the Romanian Revolution.