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Dating a canadian soldier

was an unforeseen tragedy.'The panel concluded the soldier did not die as a direct result of doing the annual fitness test (AFT).'Cpl Hoole's medical condition might have manifested itself similarly at any time if what he was doing caused the trigger factors to prompt SADS,' the report stated.'Furthermore, despite the immediate and comprehensive emergency medical treatment Cpl Hoole received, it was not realistically possible to have saved his life once he had collapsed.'The SI found that it was reasonable for the Army not to have known about Cpl Hoole's medical condition.'The panel said they believed Cpl Hoole did not know about his susceptibility to SADS and he had been passed as medically fit to attend the course only eight days earlier.

Cpl Hoole collapsed at about 6.30am on July 19, 2016, when temperatures later peaked at just above 30C (86F).

Her affair with Marco has left Lorna pregnant, and she is at odds with how to deal with it.

Vera is convinced to come back to work at the factory, but struggles with PTSD.

After going to Marco's house to drop off his paycheck, Lorna feels guilty about getting him fired; the two grow closer and eventually kiss.